Adhensive and Gasket Remover


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Dissolves hardened adhensive and sealent residue


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STALOC adhesive and sealant remover removes (even cured) leftovers of any type of adhesive and sealant. Particular additives contained in the spray provide for a long-term penetration of the solvent. This ensures, that cured, tough layers of adhesives can be dissolved from the substrate. The viscosity of the product has been designed to enable a use on vertical surfaces without running off. Untreated metals will be protected by the contained anti-corrosion additives.

STALOC adhesive and sealant remover dissolves sealants, adhesives, oil carbon residues, colours, paint, grease, oil, tar, resin, lubricants and other chemical substances.

The product can be used on metal, wood, ceramics, glass, polyethylen and polypropylen.

Part no. ml
56607031 400