Citrus Powercleanser



Spray Can


- Powerful cleaning spray for degreasing and cleaning of strong contamination on plastic and metal parts
- Removes e.g. oil, resin, tar as well as adhesive residuals or fresh PU-foams
- Eases removal of labels

STALOC citrus power cleaner is a powerful and effective cleaning spray, used to degrease and clean heavily contaminated parts made of metals or plastics.
Due to it's extremely high content of citrus terpene the effect of cleaning is mild and powerful at the same time. Especially removing labels from any kind of surface is easily possible when applying the product.
Excess adhesives resulting from the application process (e.g. on ABS-materials) or non-cured PU-foams can be removed effortlessly.
Main users of the product are construction companies, metal workers, locksmiths, carpenters, public companies,  schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.

STALOC citrus power cleaner is non-corrosive and does not leave any residues.

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56607060 SQ-245