Regular Grade Anti Seize



Spray Can



Temperature min. °C


Temperature max. °C



- Solid matter assembly paste for high compression loads
- Perfectly suited for the marine industry
- Protects against corrosion and seizing
- Temperature range from -180°C to +1.100°C
- Resistant to acid, alkali and salt water

STALOC Regular Grade Anti Seize is a high-temperature lubricant for high compression loads. It prevents corrosion and seizure between (even moving) metal pairs with operating temperatures up to 1.100°C.

STALOC Regular Grade Anti Seize assembly paste protects seals, flanges, bolts, valve bushings, cases, hubs, liners, etc. Additionally, it prevents frictional corrosion with shrink- or force fits. The product is resistant against saltwater, alkali, technical chemicals, acids and bases. Industrial applications with frequent use of this product are steel plants, construction, engineering, mining, automotive industry, building and transportation, marine applications as well as military operations and power plants. STALOC Regular Grade Anti Seize is specified according to MIL-A-907E.

Part no. ml Other info
56607073 400 SQ-1400