Spray Can


- Outstanding protection against corrosion
- Can be painted
- Heat resistant to +500°C
- 95% zinc content in the dry matter

STALOC zinc spray is used as an active cathodic anti-corrosive. Suitable for exhaust systems, air intake, manifolds, heat exchangers, oil coolers and other devices with thermal loads. Used to rework spots and defects on hot-dip galvanized parts. Also suitable for steel construction, steel doors, garage doors, piping systems, automotive body parts, guard rails, side rails, fences, etc.

- Permanent corrosion protection
- Can be welded over / spot-welded
- Dry mass 195g/can
- Excellent adhesion / cross-cut test 0-1
- 95 % pure zinc in dry mass
- Recommended application temperature 20°C
- Recoatability: after 15 - 30 min at ambient temperature with standard paint

Part no. ml Other info
56607074 400 SQ-800